New innovation, "We launched our Pars robot shelf reader"

I am proud to introduce my newly launched innovation "Pars robot shelf reader" awarded top research technology 2016-17. Shelf reading (shelving) is a boring and time consuming process which is necessary for libraries. The process of verifying that materials are in their correct position on the libraries shelves. Library staff "reads" the call number that is present on the spine of each item in an area to make sure they are in the correct ascending order [1].

In this project we proposed an intelligent solution by means of a humanoid robot for checking and reporting this boring task (shelving) to explore misplaced resources. Our solution has advantages in compare with the human-based processes:

  1. Our robot (as a machine) is more accurate than human,
  2. Unlike to the human she does not get tired, and finally, 
  3. Pars robot can processes the books faster and parallel.


Our robot achieved one of the best technology with honor in the “Research and Technology symposium” at University of Kerman and invited as high technology to the 17thinternational research and technology achievement expo” held in Tehran, Iran.

Pars robot shelf reader is already under registration at US patent registration.


Pars robot in the Press:

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It is my pleasure to inform that our Pars shelf-reader robot achieved grade A (rate 9 of 9) in the 18th international research and technology expo.















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