Chaos game theory and its application for offline signature identification


Congrats and thanks to Dr. Naserasadi for his collaboration on our recently accepted paper with the title of "Chaos game theory and its application for offline signature identification" in prestigious peer-reviewed journal IET Biometrics.


Chaos game theory and its application for offline signature identification

Mahdi Jampour and Ali Naserasadi


Chaos game mechanism is a procedure for creating fractal phenomena from another fractal using a polygon and random walk. Here, the authors propose a novel identification approach and efficient application of Chaos Game theory towards signature identification. In fact, a signature is produced with hand scripting with a special rhythm that belongs to a specific person. Although a signature is a behavioural feature among the human biometric features, this behavioural feature expresses a chaotic property and can be analysed with chaotic systems and fractal theory. With authors’ technique, by using a Chaos Game theory, a new fractal is created for each signature instance and, during the creation of the fractal, new features are extracted. These features express the fractal properties of the signature and are unique. In addition, by using fractal theory, this technique benefits from the advantages of fractal phenomena such as stability against rotation, losing some parts of the signature and scale that is desirablefor biometrics applications. Authors’ approach for offline signature analysis can segregate and identify many signature instances with a desirable time complexity. The authors name the technique that the authors present here the chaos game signature identification (CGSI).

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