Dr. Techn. Mahdi Jampour
in Persian: مهدی جم پور
Assistant Professor at Quchan University of Technology

- Board of directors and Student branches coordinator at
Iranian Society of Machine Vision & Image Processing (ISMVIP)

- Editorial board of J.UCS Journal of Universal Computer Science
- Reviewed for PAMI, TMM, TAFCC, CAVW, NCAA, JMVIP, IJECE, etc.

Contact: jampour [at] icg.tugraz.at, m_jampour [at] yahoo.com

I'm working on Computer Vision includes object detection, recognition and identification. My focus is now on facial analysis. I also worked on topics in biometrics which sparked my interest, such: face recognition, fingerprint and iris identification.

I'm interested in developing intelligence systems changing the life easier. I believe that both computer vision and machine learning are two facilities in this way.


Latest News
Chaos game theory and its application for offline signature identification
  Congrats and thanks to Dr. Naserasadi for his collaboration on our recently accepted paper with the title of "Chaos game theory and its applicati
بازدید اساتید اعضای انجمن ماشین بینایی و پردازش تصویر ایران از آزمایشگاه ملی نقشه برداری مغز، خرداد ۱۳۹۷
آزمایشگاه ملی نقشه برداری مغز ایران یکی از مجهزترین آزمایشگاههای بین رشته ای ایران است که در دانشگاه تهران استقرار یافته و خدمات ارزنده ای ارائه می کند. دوشنبه 7 خرداد 1397 به دعوت این آزمایشگاه و
New innovation, "We launched our Pars robot shelf reader"
I am proud to introduce my newly launched innovation "Pars robot shelf reader" awarded top research technology 2016-17. Shelf reading (shelving) is a boring and time co

موضوعات آموزشی

گرافیک کامپیوتری و بازی ها
بدون شک یکی از شاخه های بسیار جذاب و فعال حوزه کامپیوتر و گوشی های هوشمند، بازی ها هستند. ترکیب بازی ها با هوش مصنوعی و توسعه بازی های هوشمند امروزه از استقبال کم نظیری برخوردار شده است چنانکه این شاخه به تنهایی سهم قابل توجهی از تراکنش های تجاری در بخش فناوری را در دنیا به خود ...

اسلایدها و محتوای درس طراحی و تحلیل الگوریتم ها
به نام خدا ضمن معرفی مجدد کتاب طراحی و تحلیل الگوریتم ها که توسط اینجانب و آقایان علی ناصراسدی و مجید استیلائی تالیف شده است از اساتید و خوانندگان محترم دعوت میکنیم اسلایدهای مرتبط با مطالب کتاب را از طریق لینک های زیر دریافت و مطالعه بفرمایند. الگوریتم مرتب ساز ...

تصاویر چهره برای تمرین درس پردازش تصویر
به نام خدا در ادامه این تاپیک، 2000 تصویر مثبت و منفی چهره در قالب یک فایل فشرده پیوست شده است. ضمن دانلود، مطابق تمرینی که در کلاس توضیح داده شد از این تصاویر استفاده نمایید. 80% تصاویر برای آموزش و 20% برای آزمایش مورد استفاده قرار گیرد. همچنین برای آشنایی بیش ...

تصاویر مربوط به تمرین های درس پردازش تصویر
به نام خدا به استحضار دانشجویان محترم درس پردازش تصویر می رسانم که تصاویر مورد نیاز برای تمرین های این درس را می توانید از طریق لینک زیر دریافت کنید. تصاویر مربوط به تمرین های پردازش تصویر - 1.7 مگابایت   با تشکر - جم پور

Pairwise Linear Regression: An Efficient and Fast Multi-view Facial Expression Recognition
Multi-view facial expression recognition (MFER) is an active research topic in facial analysis. In fact, not only the accuracy but also time complexity is desirable for real applications. In this paper, we introduce a new fast and robust approach for recognizing facial expressi ...

تشخیص چهره، تشخیص نواحی چهره
به نام خدا مسئله تشخیص چهره یکی از مسائل معروف در حوزه بینایی کامپیوتر است که بیش از دو دهه به آن توجه می شود و همواره بهبودها رو روش های پایدارتری برای تشخیص ناحیه چهره در تصاویر دیجیتالی ارائه شده است. یکی از روش های بسیار کارآمد برای تشخیص چهره و نواحی چهره (اعم از چ ...

بازشناسی تصویر چهره از مسائل شناسایی اشیاء
بازشناسی تصویر چهره از مسائل شناسایی اشیاء  (Face Recognition) مسئله شناسایی اشیاء یکی از مسائل جذاب در حوزه بینایی ماشین بشمار می آید و تلاش های زیادی از سوی محققین برای رسیدن به این هدف صورت گرفته است. مسئله بازشناسایی اشیاء (Object Recognition) از این بابت مهم ا ...


Labeled Faces in the Wild
A database of face photographs designed for studying the problem of unconstrained face recognition. The data set contains more than 13,000 images of faces collected from the web. Each face has been labeled with the name of the person pictured. 1680 of the people pictured have two or more distinct ...

CVonline: Image Databases
CVonline: Image Databases Index by Topic Action Databases Biological/Medical Face Databases Fingerprints General Images General RGBD and depth datasets Hand Grasp, Action and Gesture Databases Image, Video and Shape Database Retrieval ...

Face analysis is a big challenging branch in computer vision and Biometric and there are several datasets related to the face and its challenges like age, orientation, skin color, illumination, pose, expressions, appearance, etc. So, researchers almost using different datasets related to the chal ...

MMI Facial Expression Database
The MMI Facial Expression Database is a popular facial expression dataset involved by Maja Pantic, Michel F. Valstar accessable here. The database consists of over 2900 videos and high-resolution still images of 75 subjects. It is fully annotated for the presence of AUs in videos (event codin ...

CK+ Dataset
The Cohn-Kanade AU-Coded Facial Expression Database is for research in automatic facial image analysis and synthesis and for perceptual studies. Cohn-Kanade is available in two versions and a third is in preparation.

RaFD, Radboud expressions face dataset
The Radboud Faces Database (RaFD) is a set of pictures of 67 models (including Caucasian males and females, Caucasian children, both boys and girls, and Moroccan Dutch males) displaying 8 emotional expressions. RaFD is a open access dataset can be found here.

Multi-PIE, multi-purpose face analysis dataset
The CMU Multi-PIE face database contains more than 750,000 images of 337 people. Subjects were imaged under 15 view points and 19 illumination in five expressions. 

BU3DFE - 3D facial expression dataset
BU3DFE is a multi-view 3D facial expression recognition dataset provided by Binghamton University can be found here

Relative Conferences

ECCV 2020
The 2020 European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2020) is the top European conference in the image analysis area. This conference follows the tradition set by previous instances of the conference, with the most recent in Amsterdam (2016) and Munich (2018).     1 ...

CVPR 2021
CVPR is the premier annual computer vision event comprising the main conference and several co-located workshops and short courses. With its high quality and low cost, it provides an exceptional value for students, academics and industry researchers. CVPR 2021 will take place in Nashville, TN ...

4th International conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (IPRIA)
The International conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (IPRIA) is an excellent and premier forum comprising several scientific tracks organized by Iranian Society of Machine Vision and Image Processing (ISMVIP). The 4th IPRIA conference will be held at the Department of Computer E ...

15th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)
The European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) – Munich, Germany Main Conference: September 10-13, 2018 Workshops: September 8, 9, 14 2018 Tutorials: September 8, 9, 14 2018   Demos: September 10-13 2018   Website: www.eccv2018.org  

The 10th Iranian Conference on Machine Vision and Image Processing
The 10th Iranian Conference on Machine Vision and Image Processing will be held in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Isfahan University of Technology on November 2017. http://mvip2017.iut.ac.ir/en/   Conference Start date : 2017-11-22 08:30:00 Conferenc ...

The 12th IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG 2017)
The 12th IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG 2017) will be held from May 30 –June 3, 2017 in Washington, DC. Call for workshop proposals is now over, but is still available for a reference here Faces and Gestures of Human Le ...

3rd International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Image Analysis
3rd International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Image Analysis  19-20 April 2017, Shahrekord, Iran    The third international conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (IPRIA2017) is organized by faculty of engineering of the Shahrekord University and Irania ...


Selected J. Publication   »

Mahdi Jampour and Ali Naserasadi, Chaos Game Theory and its application for Offline Signature Identification, IET Biometrics, 2019
Mahdi Jampour, Mohammad-Shahram Moin, Lap-Fai Yu, Horst Bischof, Mapping Forests: a Comprehensive Approach for Non-linear Mapping Problems, Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 2017
Mahdi Jampour, Chen Li, Lap-Fai Yu, Kun Zhou, Stephen Lin and Horst Bischof, Face Inpainting based on High-Level Facial Attributes, Computer vision and Image Understanding, 2017
Mahdi Jampour, Vincent Lepetit, Thomas Mauthner, Horst Bischof., Pose-Specific Non-Linear Mappings in Feature Space towards Multiview Facial Expression Recognition, Image and Vision Computing, Elsevier, 2016
Mahdi Jampour, Reza Ebrahimzadeh, Mahdi Yaghoobi, Adel Soleymani Nejad, Towards A Fast Method for IRIS Identification With Fractal and Chaos Game Theory, Int. Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, Vol 26(4) PP: 1256011-1, 2012
Mahdi Jampour, Mohammad M. Javidi, Adel Soleymani Nejad, Maryam Ashourzadeh, Mahdi Yaghoobi, A New Technique in saving Fingerprint with low volume by using Chaos Game and Fractal Theory, Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence. ISSN: 1989-1660. Vol. 1, Issue 3, pp.27-31, 2010
Selected Conf. Publication   »

Mahdi Jampour, Thomas Mauthner, and Horst Bischof, Pairwise linear regression: An efficient and fast multi-view facial expression recognition, Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG), 2015 11th IEEE International Conference and Workshops on, 2015
Mahdi Jampour, Thomas Mauthner, and Horst Bischof, Multi-view Facial Expressions Recognition using Local Linear Regression of Sparse Codes, In Proc. Computer Vision Winter Workshop , 2015
Mohammad M. Javidi, Roghiyeh Hoseinpour Fard, Soheila Khatami, Mahdi Jampour, An Effective Adaptive Technique for Impulse Noise Detection and Reduction in Digital Images, Hybrid Intelligent Systems (HIS), 2011 11th International Conference on, 2011
Mohammad Zare, Mahdi Jampour, Issa Rashid Farrokhi, A Heuristic Method for Gray Images Pseudo Coloring with Histogram and RGB Layers, 3rd ICCSN, 2011
Mahdi Jampour, Mehdi Ziari, Reza Ebrahim Zadeh, Maryam Ashourzadeh, Impulse noise Detection and Reduction using Fuzzy logic and Median Heuristic Filter, ICNIT, 2010
Mahdi Jampour, Hamid Shojaei, Maryam Ashourzadeh, Mahdi Yaghoobi, Compressing of Fingerprint Images by Means of Fractals Feature, 2nd ICMV, 2009
Mahdi Jampour, Maryam Ashourzadeh, Mahdi Yaghoobi, Issa Rashidfarokhi, Compressing images using Fractal characteristics by estimating the nearest neighbor, 6th ITNG, 2009
Mahdi Jampour, Maryam Ashourzadeh, Mahdi Yaghoobi, Fractal Image Compression using neighbor pixels (in Persian), 5th MVIP, 2008

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